The radar data processing system of the Urban Community of Greater Nancy


This system has been developed gradually since 1995 and is completely designed for the operational needs of the Centralized Technical Management department of the Urban Community. It is used in operational mode mainly to optimise and to guarantee the security of the sewerage system management by forecasting the evolution of the rainy situation, and to increase the security of the technical teams during works in the sewer network.

This system has two particular characteristics:

-          a radar data utilisation not only for quantitative rainfall estimation, but also to characterize the rainy situation in the close area of the Urban Community: this information is used to generate alarms in order to assist the event monitoring and the decision-making in real time.

-          a taking into account of the uncertainties in all the processing steps (rainfall estimation, rain displacement, forecasts).


-          Simplified configuration Interface (for example)

-          Reception, control and display of the last radar image every five minutes

-          Recognition of a type of rain characteristic of the current precipitation

-          Identification of the rain displacements, and forecasting by extrapolation (for example)

-          Identification and characterization of intense rain cells; forecast of their trajectory; alarms of graduated risks for the sewage network related to these intense rain cells (for example)

-          Estimation of the past rainfall on hydrological basins (last 1 to 4 hours) and rainfall forecasting (next 30 minutes) (for example)

-          Quantitative comparison in real time with rain gauge measurements of the Urban Community rain gauge network (for example)

-          automatic selection of the images to save according to the rainy situation and to criteria defined by the end-users.


ALICIME has realised the development and maintenance of this radar data processing system. in 2002 and 2003, the storm alert process was significantly upgraded. 


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